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YFG Lending is very experienced in turning first home buyers into first home owners. Our home finance brokers can help...
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With interest rates fluctuating in Australia constantly it is important to ensure that your home loan is right for you.
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With so many different options available today, finding the right investment loan can be a very frustrating job.
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Easy way to calculate the loan using loan calculator. If you need help feel free to contact us by calling us or email.
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Application Checklist

Prepare your application checklist like ID for each applicant – Driver Licence, Passport, Medicare, etc.
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YFG Lending is the leading choice for all your finance needs.

As part of the Young Financial Group, YFG Lending is a culmination of many years of hard work and dedication to the financial services sector, stemming from our Accounting and Tax Services roots.
In the ever changing landscape of the Australian Financial Services sector, home finance is ever increasing in complexity and intricacy. Continuous scrutiny by regulatory bodies such as ASIC and APRA, borrowing money is again becoming more onerous.
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There are over 1450 loans from over 40 lenders

Navigating the minefield of home loan options can be rather daunting. Fixed, variable, offset, mortgagee insurance, packages, banks, credit unions, building societies! Making the right choice can be difficult, and how do you know if you’re getting the best deal?
The team at YFG has over 30 years combined banking, finance and accounting experience. We spend time to listen, learn and understand what’s important to you and present you with your options. We will review and negotiate with all potential lenders to get you the best possible rates and make sure the products are not unsuitable to your individual circumstances.

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Latest News

8 November 2016
What is an interest-only loan
Every loan has a declared rate of interest. The interest could be a fixed rate or floating. It could be a combination as well, fixed for a few years and then adjustable as per the prevailing lending rates in the market. All standard loans are re-paid over a period and every instalment has a bit […]
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1 November 2016
What is bad debt and what is good debt?
Debt is unavoidable. All of us have debts. For some people, the debts are simple obligations like utility bills. For many, it would be a credit card bill. From mortgage to paying back the student loan, people have myriad types of debts. It is almost impossible to avoid debts. Even the billionaires of the world […]
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25 October 2016
What does it mean to have a guarantor on your mortgage?
Buying a home is difficult. Buying a home when someone is very young is all-the-more challenging. Young professionals may be able to pay the instalments of the mortgage but saving enough to make the down payment is an uphill task. When one is in their twenties or even early thirties living in the city or […]
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