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In the ever changing landscape of the Australian Financial Services sector, home finance is ever increasing in complexity and intricacy. Continuous scrutiny by regulatory bodies such as ASIC and APRA, borrowing money is again becoming more onerous.
As part of the Young Financial Group, YFG Lending is a culmination of many years of hard work and dedication to the financial services sector, stemming from our Accounting and Tax Services roots.

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YFG Lending is here to help!

Our extensive experience with all aspects of finance, means we can help from a traditional home loan, to complex investment loans, commercial and business finance as well as motor vehicle, plant and equipment, commercial development finance and so much more..

Our tax and accounting parent group can help you make the most out of your investment strategy, tax planning and so much more.

Our customer service team is always available to provide you more information about our services and our wide range of products.

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Jack Hellman is the Director of Young Financial Group, a boutique Accounting firm that focuses on modern practices and quality client service. In this capacity, he serves individuals along with small- and medium-sized businesses. Prior to going into business for himself in 2007, Jack was employed by a number of large accounting firms in Sydney, and over the years, he accrued a wealth of knowledge and experience that continue to pay off huge dividends for him as he applies what he has learned to his own dealings for the benefit of his company. Jack also has extensive experience as a corporate accountant. The addition of YFG Lending in 2015 was a naturally extension of the core business of providing clients with a holistic approach to financial needs and services.

Jack is well placed to give you 360 degree perspective on your financial position being CPA qualified and having a Bachelor’s Degree from Macquarie University, majoring in Accounting. Jack is also a specialist in SMSF advice.

He is a member of the Masonic Lodge of NSW & ACT. In addition to speaking English as his first language, he is also fluent in Modern Hebrew. When Jack is not in the office or traveling for business, he enjoys tennis, cross country running and triathlons. He lives in Sydney with his pet Cooper.