Investing is the quintessential key to financial planning. No financial plan, short term or long term, can be effective unless there is an investment strategy integrated into the approach. When you actually start investing, you would have to endure a learning curve. Knowing a few of the golden rules of investing can help you through the nascent phase and you can hone your skills, acumen and judgment as an investor.


Be a dedicated investor, check your investments, study and review your strategies.

Dividends are a part of the profits that a company make in a financial year and decide to share with all its shareholders. Every share or stock has a certain dividend value which is announced at the annual general meeting or the meeting with shareholders. Usually, it is an executive decision with the entire board of directors having a vote. Companies can be generous and announce handsome dividends after a great year. They can announce no dividends for years if there isn’t enough profit or if they are incurring losses. Let us explore the dynamic concept of dividends.