Published on 1 February 2016

Buying A New Car: Tips To Ensure You Get Approved For Your Loan

Buying a new car can make for an exciting milestone. However, unless you are planning to pay for the whole thing in cash, you’re probably going to need to secure a loan beforehand.

No one really likes to go through the loan application process, no matter how appealing or necessary the end result might be.

However, the loan process is a necessary process. Thankfully, there are a number of things you can do to ensure you get the loan you are after!

If you’re worried about getting approved for your new car loan, relax. There are several things you can keep in mind, all of which should serve to help you secure the loan you need:

  • Clear the slate on your debts: When you approach a lender for a loan, regardless of the amount, you need to inspire as much confidence as possible within them. A great way to achieve this is to make it clear that you are consistently and actively working to pay down your various debts.
  • Don’t be unrealistic: You may love to get the newest make and model with the latest features. However, this may not be the most realistic move on your part. Look for a car that realistically matches your budget and lifestyle. This can go a long way towards making you more attractive to a lender.
  • You may need a security/guarantor: In certain situations, in order to gain approval, you may have to go after a secured loan. With this type of loan, the car will be seen as collateral or security.
  • Compare: Applying for a loan will generally involve the lender performing a check on your credit history. This in turn can show up on your credit history, which can cause a variety of problems. Use the expertise of your experienced YFG Lending Specialist to assist you with the most suitable loan option for you.
  • Avoid falsification: Be sure to be honest about your credit and financial history.


Getting your new car is not impossible by any means. Keep in mind the above tips, as you move forward. And remember - our experienced and expert YFG lending specialists are there to assist you find the right financial fit!

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